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The 7 Wonders Of Invisalign Nobody Talks About

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Invisalign is the most recent advancement in dentistry to straighten your teeth using a set of clear aligners or trays. The mouth trays are custom-made using modern technology that’s replaceable after a few weeks. While this new method is quite performing, metal braces is still popular alongside it.

In these modern times, looking your best talks a lot about your personality. Cosmetic procedures are all competing in this game of vanity. One of the top recommended and chosen method in enhancing teeth appearance are traditional clear aligners. It’s virtually invisible, super light, and removable which makes it very convenient for its user. Curious how these qualities give you an advantage? Read on.

Wonders of Invisalign

Your dentist in Waterloo Ontario is an expert in ensuring that every dental treatment is best for your needs. Now, it’s time to dig deeper on what these traditional Invisalign advantages are.

This treatment provides you with a stealthy way of undergoing the straightening treatment without the metal wires or brackets. This is important as most patients feel conscious about having foreign objects on their teeth surface. Since having that perfect smile is one of the goals for many patients, they can achieve that after wearing clear aligners. Here are the various benefits you can get from this treatment.

  1. Appearance

The mouth trays used for the treatment are, as mentioned, almost invisible. This makes it ideal for patients who need to smile without having noticeable brackets. People who work in the media industry needs to secure that their smile is always presentable. This also applies to front desk employees and cashiers. This characteristic of clear aligners makes a big difference especially when you’re about to grab a life opportunity.


  1. Comfort

The main component of Invisalign is made of a quality plastic material which ensures that smooth and comfortable wear. Every dental aligner is custom-made by your dentist using a 3D printer. This means that they are fit to your dental arches, avoiding that one size fits all drawback. Also, there are no sharp or extruding edges that can cause gum irritation. Overall, plastic aligners provide a pleasurable experience while under a dental treatment.

  1. Cleanliness

The set of traditional Invisalign trays that your dentist gives you are removable. This means that you’ll be able to do your oral hygiene routine without any obstruction. Also, flossing would be a breeze and you don’t need to have a special floss for this mundane oral routine.

  1. Safe

This treatment is safe for everyone. Even your teenager whose permanent teeth have fully erupted could have Invisalign Teen. This type of aligner has a blue indicator that fades away when worn more often. This gives you an assurance that your teen is following his dentist’s order to wear the aligners every day for 22 hours.

  1. Having your meals won’t be a problem

Since the trays are removable, you can take them off when you’re eating. Although, you have to discipline yourself to clean your teeth thoroughly before putting your aligners back.

  1. Better oral health

Having perfectly aligned teeth have its benefits not only for your appearance. As a result of straight teeth, there’s less chance of food debris getting stuck in between your teeth and gums. Hence, you resolve your teeth misalignment and improve your oral health.

  1. Enhance the way you smile

The result of wearing the traditional Invisalign is impeccable. Many patients who have undergone the treatment testify that they have better smiles after the treatment.

Treatments to straighten your teeth are available for every phase in your life. Getting that wonderful smile will boost your confidence and leads to a better life. If you want to know more about this treatment, contact your local dentist.