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Your Amazing Tongue

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Your tongue is an amazing organ and home to between 2,000 and 4,000 taste buds and it also helps in the taste of food, chewing and speech.

Waterloo dental can give you tips on taking care of your tongue as well as your teeth.

Your tongue can also help the dentist know how healthy your mouth is.

What your tongue tells the dentist

The color of your tongue can help tell the dentist if you have a vitamin deficiency, a yeast infection, diabetes, mouth ulcers, or oral cancer.

More amazing facts about your tongue

Taste buds, while they can’t be seen, allows you to know if something is good to eat or not. While most taste buds are on the tongue, not all taste buds are located on the tongue.

Your tongue has a unique print just as your fingerprints are unique to you.

The tongue heals faster than any other part of the body.

Almost half the bacterium in your mouth is located on your tongue.

If you gain weight so can your tongue.

The tongue is all muscle just not the strongest muscle in the body.

Even when you sleep your tongue helps move excess spit to the back of the mouth making it easier to swallow.

Bitterness, sourness, saltiness, sweetness, and umami are the 5 taste buds that are currently known.

Brushing your tongue helps remove some of the bacteria that create bad breath.

A fat tongue can be a sign of sleep apnea.

Not everyone can roll their tongue (sides up) even with twins, not both can roll their tongue.

Dr. Stephen Mathews can tell you how to clean your tongue and will be able to monitor your health with help from your tongue.