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What is a Zirconia Crown in Waterloo?

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Dentistry crowns in Waterloo can be made of zirconia.

A metal in the titanium family is mined around the world which makes it a good choice for crowns.

It is delivered to dental offices in the form of a chunk that they then mill into a tooth using computer-aided cutting tools.

Crowns for molars that do the bulk of chewing and grinding of food are a good choice for zirconia.

Pros and cons of zirconia

There are pros and cons of using zirconia crowns.

The pros are;

  • Strength
  • Less costly than porcelain
  • Takes less time than porcelain as it can be milled right in the office

The cons are;

  • The colour, they are not as luminous as porcelain so patients may not like the way they look
  • Due to the strength, it may wear out the opposing teeth faster

The one con will not last long is the looks, as there are improvements being made to that area. As technology progress everyday

How to care for zirconia crowns

Caring for a zirconia crown is the same caring for any other crown.

Simply follow your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.

Your Waterloo dentist may have a suggestion on what type of toothbrush would best suit your needs.

Does zirconia work for everyone

Not everyone can use zirconia but a large majority of people can use it.

Why you may not be able to use zirconia;

  • Room – the dentist needs a certain amount of room depending on where the crown will be placed in order for it to adhered to the tooth.